Summer 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer…                                  June 20, 2013

When I was a kid, summer meant I had “time”. Time to go to the movies (rarely), time to play more sports, time to watch the Andy Griffith Show (and The Dick Van Dyke Show – my favorite show of all time), and especially time to play/write music. Now summer means catch up on the work I didn’t get to during the Spring (because I was working) and time to do the work I planned on doing this summer. Work, work, work… that’s fine. It comes with being an adult. I have children that my wife Tammy and I want to provide for. And we have a dance studio – and these students become “our kids” in a way. We care for them and want to see them grow, mature and succeed. My ministry commitments used to be many and varied in the summer, thankfully THAT has slowed down. Now I spend a lot of time in the recording studio – as I did all of April and May. I look forward to some quiet time as well. Time to compose music, but more importantly – pray, be still, listen… stop do-ing.

I pray your summer is safe and holy. Pray for me too.

Peace +


March 10, 2013

I hope your Lent is going well! What a great season to “re”: Re-pent, re-new, re-turn, re-commit, and rejuvenate our spiritual lives. I’ve grown to LOVE Lent. I need it. I get off course and need the mercy and grace that Lent REMINDS us we are offered every day.

January went by quickly! I traveled to Washington, D.C. to help plan this year’s NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) – held in Indianapolis in November. I was also working with Ben Walther finishing up his new recording.  February saw Ben’s CD come to completion for OCP/Spirit and Song – it will be released later this year. Look for it: “Make Your Home in Me” is the title; GREAT music from a GREAT artist. The band and I were asked to perform the PASCHAL MYSTERY TOUR at the LA RE Congress in Anaheim. What a hoot! We also played the next night in Hermosa Beach at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church. What a warm and inviting community!

March has been equally wonderful as the first two months of the year. I was honored to present a Lenten mission for the conventual church of the Francisacn Renewal Center (the “CASA”). I loved my time there (4 days) and enjoy being in a community of faith that prays that deeply! This week I head off to Marrietta, Georgia to do the same at the “Catholic Church of St Ann”; Ed Bolduc’s home parish and one of the coolest parishes I know. On March 16 and 17 I will be at ALL of the masses there. On the 18tha and 19th I will be presenting the Lenten mission in the evenings. On Wednesday March 20th myself, and the whole band, (The Paschal Rascals) will be in concert at St Ann’s.

April brings me to Houston, Texas and Hawaii for ministry trips – and a visit to Portland, Oregon to visit and work with my OCP family. We have some new projects in the works – including some of my own. I am finishing a book, a new CD and some other things to be announced later!

Peace and Good to you and yours + Your brother in faith,

Tom Booth

Spring 2012

What a great year 2012 has been so far! In January I was graced to work with a very talented Catholic artist, Ben Walther from Houston, Texas in my studio here in Tucson. We recorded three songs together. These songs are truly anointed (I RARELY use that word!). Be on the lookout for these recordings. The band and I did a concert in Chandler, AZ that was a blast. We played for the “kids’ at St. Mary’s Bashas, in Chandler, AZ, in the morning and did a parish concert later that night. Killer!

In February and March I was blessed to present three Lenten Parish Missions in Ohio, Massachusetts and in Phoenix, Arizona. The theme I chose for these missions is HEART: HE… God first and only God, EAR… listen to the Spirit, live by prayer in the cave of the heart and ART…learn and practice the art of prayer, live out our lives in an artistic way in imitation of the Creator! I was able to squeeze in a 3-day conference with the band for the Diocese of Tucson – my home diocese. That was a blessed and wonderful time with Bishop Kicanas, Sister Lois Paha and the whole diocese.


I just returned from the LA RE Congress where 23,000 of the faithful gathered to pray, sing, learn, re-connect and EAT! OCP/Spirit and Song sponsored one of my favorite concerts in years: Steve Angrisano, Cooper Ray, Josh Blakesley and I gave an unplugged worship/story-telling/laugh-fest night to a huge crowd. What an honor to serve God and the people of God in these events!

Two nights ago the band and I (minus a couple of the guys) did a benefit concert for a ministry here in Tucson: Vine of Grace. As usual my dear friend and ministry supporter since the 1980s, Theresa Ratti, served the concerts by joyfully meeting people, selling product in support of our ministry and making sure we had warm tea. She is a co-worker in the vineyard and the band is always happy when “T” is on a gig! She takes care of us! Thanks Theresa for all the years of loving support and kindness. I will be your bellhop in heaven!

Today I gave a sandwich to a homeless man. His eyes thanked me a MILLION times over. I honestly wept in my car as I drove away. How often I do not see the hungry, the homeless, the naked and those in prison. God forgive me – and God give me the vision to do so tomorrow!

Peace and Good in the Risen One: Jesus the Lord! +++