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TomBoothIt’s beginning to beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Think of it, in 2 months you will only have three days left to get your shopping done. But doesn’t that sound funny now!? After all we have been through with the on-going economic crisis, “shopping days” sounds so out of reality. Sure we all buy things here and there, but the struggles of this past year or two has been a great teacher to all of us. Christmas is about CHRIST and life is about love of self and others – and God. Life is not about stuff, life is not about things, life is not about fame, fortune or getting this or that. Today is a new opportunity to love and serve. We are blessed to be alive and to have the gift of faith. I hope you have a great week. I hope you make good choices for yourself and others. Take time to pray and take time to read and take time to take time… Walk a dog (I would have to borrow one) or just walk yourself. Breathe the air around you and notice those around you as well. Everything belongs, everyone belongs, YOU and I  belong to God.

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Christ the King Concert – Mesa, AZ 2/5/09

My Dear Friends,

What a blessing last Thursday night was! I thank Fr. Steve, Debbie, Doug Slater and all the staff of Christ the King parish for the wonderful love and hospitality shown to me and the musicians. I have received numerous emails, phone calls and text messages from people saying how God answered our prayers for a holy and healing evening of music, faith sharing and prayer. If you are reading this blog then it means you have visited the new website:  Thank you! May our Lord lead us to peace through purity and prayer. Thank you for your support of my music and ministry.     In Jesus,  Tom