BuyNowYou Welcomed Me (2017).  This new collection of songs begins with a call; the call of King David to be exact. But it is really a call that we all are challenged with; the call to live a life that is both courageous, humble and ultimately not our own. As the recording progresses we hear St. Mother Teresa in the lyrics challenging us to “do something beautiful for God” and to “go into the world… loving the people that you meet”. The sequence of songs deepens with the call to the interior: Come to Me and Be Still and Know that I am God. Finally, we are sent on mission and encouraged as well; as pilgrims on a dusty and sometimes lonely road, but also to echo the words (and example) of St. Damian the Leper Priest, and give our all “with the little time we have left to give”.

The title song, You Welcomed Me, encapsulates all that I have tried to express in the entire recording: We are to welcome the stranger, give drink to the thirsty and visit those in prison, in imitation of Jesus and in response to his asking us to do so. For when we do, we did so for him. When we refuse to do so, we have refused to do so for him: “For whatever you did, to the least of these, you did to me”.


BuyNowFocusing on faith rather than fear and life rather than death, Time Stands Still (2014) reflects on the themes of eternity and living life in complete reliance on the grace of God, serving as a reminder that our eyes need to be focused on Jesus, even as the storms draw near.

Blending a variety of musical styles, from upbeat bluegrass to slow, sweet ballads and energetic worship songs, Tom’s latest collection takes you on a musical journey that keeps you on your toes waiting to hear what comes next. Collaborating with some of the best instrumentalists in Nashville as well as critically acclaimed Catholic artist Matt Maher, Tom reaches out to us with powerful messages in every song.

Based on the spirituality of Saint John of the Cross, “Tear Through the Veil” resounds with a truth that cannot be denied, while “My Lord Walks upon the Water” is a moving, prayer-driven piece that unites lyric and melody in a perfect, flowing way.

Wonderful for personal reflection and meditation, Time Stands Still also works well for prayer services, youth gatherings or contemporary liturgies.

In 2011 Tom produced THE PASCHAL MYSTERY TOUR recording: a full band, energetic four-song disc, that was custom made for the tour of the same name. The tour stretched from coast to coast, California to Georgia, and included speaking and teaching engagements as well as concerts. One song, MY LORD WALKS UPON THE WATER, appears on the TIME STANDS STILL record, and the other songs await an arrival on a future recording project. This CD is no longer available for purchase.

BuyNowIn November of 2008 Tom Booth’s newest recording, Captured was
released on the OCP/Spirit and Song label. Many are already saying that Captured may be his best release to-date. Co-produced with Jeff Thomas, and co-written with lyricist’ Randy Severance and Robert Feduccia (on several of the songs), Tom’s relocation to the deserts of Tucson, Arizona has profoundly influenced his life and songwriting. With a new appreciation and dedication to meditation and contemplation, Captured is an artistic musical offering influenced by the writings of Thomas Merton, Bede Griffiths, St. Thomas Aquinas and Therese of Lisieux – and by teachings on the spiritual life and prayer by friends Cyprian Consiglio and John Michael Talbot. An acoustic guitar based-record, the songs of Captured were three years in the making and employ the stunning orchestral arrangements of Nashville arranger Don Hart. More than half of the songs are worship friendly and explore a variety of spiritual themes. Can We Love?, Empty, O Salutaris Hostia/O Saving Lamb and the already popular worship song You Stand Knocking take the listener to a place of spiritual depth that feeds and nourishes the spirit, soul and body. Providing a unique contrast to the 10 original songs, Tom recorded Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) by George Harrison and Rich Mullin’s You Did Not Have a Home. The artwork for the cover of Captured is a meditation in itself on the themes of the recording. All in all, this new CD is a “retreat in a bottle” and a new beginning for a seasoned artist.

BuyNowI n 2005 and 2006, John Michael Talbot, Tom Booth and Terry Talbot toured the United States. Performing over 60 shows, the Monk Rock Tour provided Tom with an opportunity to assemble his first Best Of compilation, culled from 2 new songs and the many songs from the previous six records. To give the recording an interesting flavor, Tom traveled to Abbey Road Studios in London, England to record the 2 new songs (Slipping and You to Blame – which later garnered a Unity Award for Rock Song of the Year) and to re-record I Will Choose Christ and Be With Me Lord. He and co-producer Jeff Thomas also re-recorded My Lady and remixed and re-mastered most every track as well. The Best of Tom Booth is a fresh, yet faithful to the original, collection of some of Tom’s best recordings from 1995-2005.

BuyNowWaiting three years to release another recording, Tom recorded Unravel in 2004. Co-produced with Jeff Thomas, Unravel quickly drew rave reviews. The production and songwriting reached far beyond earlier releases and many awards have followed. Known for songs like Lord, Let Your Face Shine Upon Us, The Lord Upholds My Life, Just Live it, Sacred Silence, Giovanni Paolo and nine others, Unravel has become a favorite for listening and as a source for music in worship. The quirky CD cover has a match with songs like The Prettiest Girl at the Mall and the rock/rap song Giovanni Paolo, detailing the life of John Paul II. Providing balance and depth are musical creations like Little One and the now well-known meditation/worship song Sacred Silence.

BuyNowChange Me (2001) marked a new beginning in the approach to recording for Tom Booth. This collection of songs was the first time he and producer Jeff Thomas of Nashville, TN began to work together. Beginning with the songs Fragrance Prayer and Change Me, Jeff was to have a tremendous influence on the recordings that followed. My Lady and Be Forgiven are some of the more popular songs that make up this twelve song CD. Also recorded is the ballad, Come to the Cross, which was composed by Tom and well-known CCM artist Kathy Troccoli. His fifth recorded release also has songs co-written with lyricist/friend Randy Severance and Tom’s wife, Tammy. Recently reaching (along with Find Us Ready and Cry the Gospel) the over 20,000 copies-sold mark, Change Me is a meditation on the conversion process, yet employs a variety of musical styles as well.

BuyNowReleased in 2000, Taste of Heaven is a three song CD that contains the Steubenville Summer Youth Conference Theme Song (Taste of Heaven) of that year and two other songs as well (Change Me and Fragrance Prayer). This pre-release to the recording Change Me contains three of some of Tom’s most requested songs. Taste of Heaven won a 2001 Unity award for best rock song of the year, and this three-song disc was the impetus for the new CD, which was to come out the following year.

BuyNow CRY THE GOSPEL – This record was Tom Booth’s third in four years. Following the success of his first two releases, CRY THE GOSPEL (1998)was marked by the special circumstances of the title song. In 1999, Pope John Paul II was coming to America. He wanted to meet with the youth of the country and did so in St. Louis in January. Commissioned to compose the theme song for the event, Tom was also asked to perform the song as the Holy Father entered the arena. Filled out with now well-known songs like “Go Ye Out”, “Prayer of Abandonment” and “My Heart Belongs to You”, this collection of songs possesses a depth of lyric and mature musicianship. Mourning the loss of friend Rich Mullins, Tom also recorded “Nothing is Beyond You”, a song he helped compose with both Rich and Mitch McVicker. Mixed by Kevin Becka (Amy Grant, Micheal Omartian), CRY THE GOSPEL stands as one of Tom’s best loved songs and recordings.

BuyNowTOM BOOTH (self-titled) – Released in 1996, this collection of songs is unique in many ways. It marked one of the first occasions that Tom recorded songs from other composers (he had released several recordings prior to signing with OCP). Some of those songs, “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins and “He is Exalted” by Twila Paris, introduced this style of music to the wider Catholic community. “Here I Am”, one his best loved songs, was originally composed and recorded for this project, but was also released on FIND US READY the previous year, thus explaining it’s “double-release”. Bob Marley’s “One Love” and Rory Cooney’s “We Will Serve the Lord” also contribute to the eclectic personality of this record. Having friends Carl Herrgesell (Kenny Loggins, Kathy Troccoli and others) and Grammy award winner Israel Houghton (New Breed) perform on this sophomore release contributed greatly to the wonder that is TOM BOOTH.

BuyNowFIND US READY – Released in 1995, this recording has some of Tom’s most well-known songs including: “I Will Choose Christ”, “Find Us Ready”, “Here I Am” and others. It is actually a compilation of some of Tom’s best songs, composed and recorded in the years previous to the release of FIND US READY. Many of these songs were already being sung in churches throughout the country, but in 1997 John Michael Talbot, Tony Melendez and Tom Booth toured together for over 50 dates throughout the U.S. This tour, coupled with Tom’s new relationship with OCP, helped FIND US READY become a well-known recording and the songs themselves become standards in youth ministry circles everywhere.