From my days as a kid in Arizona learning Beatle songs, bluegrass music and songs from Sunday mass, to my time in high school playing in rock bands and singing in choir, I have had a great love for music! Music brings such joy, excitement, peace and depth of human reflection. The summer after 8th grade I started writing songs, and this has become my most rewarding musical endeavor: composing music.

My senior year in high school was a time of discovery: I learned that I needed God and the spiritual search began – and continues! I studied music, religion and philosophy in college, but actually learned that life is all about human relationships; and I learned that I was not good at that!

I graduated college and all I wanted to do was play music, write songs and teach. I got a job at a church for $10,500 per year – and I was delighted! After 20 years (1985 – 2005) in parish ministry, I began full-time travel and also working for Oregon Catholic Press (OCP). I continued to write songs and give parish missions all over the US, and serve the wider church in various leadership roles. Since 2004 I have intentionally sought a more contemplative spirituality and I recently completed a program in Spiritual Direction – all the while continuing to write songs. I have also been asked to lead retreats, write articles and mentor other up and coming music artists.

“I live by faith in the Son of God who has loved me and given himself up for me”  Galatians 2:20