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January 22 – Denver by Surprise

I am “stuck” in Denver, Colorado after my flight was diverted here because of inclement weather in Arizona. My nephew, Martin Graham, who plays college basketball in Colorado, has a nearby game this evening. Funnily enough, my mother traveled here yesterday from Arizona to surprise him by attending the game. Since I can’t get home to Arizona until tomorrow, I get to cheer him on as well and support him in a unique way. I had a great trip to Portland this week, working side by side with Robert Feduccia at OCP/ Next week I will be spending time with fellow composers in St. Louis and at the NFCYM gathering in Los Angeles. Though ministry is great and a blessing to be a part of, it all pales compared to my primary vocation: marriage and family life. This is a busy season of travel, but quality time before and after the trips keep our family focused on what is most important: our faith, family and friendships.

October 2009

I am glad you have visited the website. I am busily preparing for NCYC (National Catholic Youth Conference) which will be in Kansas City in November. My role as music director in the arena keeps me “in the pit” which is a great thing! From my vantage point, I get a front row seat for all of the action, watching various young people and others serving God in speech and song. Please pray for our efforts. Kate Cuddy will be leading the choir of teens and many, many people will be serving to make NCYC a place of hope and faith for 20,000 plus young people! Please visit as well when you get a chance. Ike Ndolo, Steve Angrisano and Matt Maher all have new recordings out. They are wonderful, artistic and faith-filled people who are serving the Lord in their own unique way. Also, Choose Christ 2010 (available from is now available. It is a great option for parishes looking for a wonderful contemporary addition to their hymnal already in the pew. So much “new” is happening. Isn’t that the way of God? – who say’s to us: “See, I make all things new!” Yes, friends even you and I! Amen + Peace and Good – Tom

Sept 11th 2009

Blessings on your family. Today would be a good day to pray for world peace -tolerance and love for people who think, act and pray differently than us. Hug your kids, play music and bake a pie. Do something simple and beautiful – and be aware of God’s presence in the smallest detail. Let us all continue to pray for the Hillebrand family – especially young Julia. Peace and good +