MARCHing forward into Lent!

Hey Everybody! I hope your Lenten season got off to a good start. If not, remember, it is a long season and we all have time to pray, fast and do works of mercy – drawing near to Our Lord! Please keep me in your prayers as I promise to pray for you and yours. God alone is enough! So let us have courage and cast away anything that clings to us that does not deepen our love for Christ and each other. I am doing lots of ministerial trips this month. I need your prayers to be a clear reflection of Christ. There has been a wonderful response to the CAPTURED recording. I thank the Lord for that. I also want to thank you for the postings on the Guestbook – I read every one. Peace and good, in Christ+   Tom

4 thoughts on “MARCHing forward into Lent!”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for your wonderful ministry (in so many formats!) at CONNECT in Maryland this past weekend. Our teens are saying great things, and it was a pleasure to serve with you- thanks for including me in your efforts! Praying for your busy Lenten season. Peace

  2. So glad to see you again at St Tim’s especially during this Lenten season. I remember way way back when…. we did a cd in Lehigh in a garage I think it was. Just like being in a stable and we did Christmas music so it was appropriate. Early days!

    Also remembering Fr John Gallen and the liturgical studies group, Tim and Julie, Rory Coony, Terri Bolduc. I googled Fr John and he’s in Cleveland still producing papers and doing talks to people out of diocese of Cleveland.

    It’s good to go back and remember where we started from and how we have all grown with Christ’s help of course. Enjoying the Lenten Mission and thank you for all the wonderful music you have produced for us bringing us closer to the Lord. I have always remembered one of Fr John’s talks when he said You are always exactly where God wants you to be every minute of your life; I’ve tried to do that even when I am not where I want to be. He was right. As long as you say YES to God you will be exactly where you should be.

    I also remember my mother telling me that when I received Baptism from God that my life should always be in thanksgiving for that precious gift. It’s not always easy but it is right.

    Blessings on you and your family

    Char Walker

    1. Hi Char – great memories and stories. Be blessed – as I was by your message, really!


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